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Terms & Conditions

Gabco Garden Bag & Bins Ltd is a family owned and operated business. Our aim is to provide the best greenwaste collection service. The only reasons that we would be unable to collect would be tip closure or due to unforeseen circumstances and your collection would be done as soon as possible. To help us maintain our excellent service and to avoid any inconvenience to you please be aware of the following. Our office hours are Monday to Friday - 9am to 3pm. Our Office is closed weekends and public holidays.

Payment -All invoices/statements must be paid within 7 days of the date thereof. To ensure continuous collections please keep your account up to date. Please post all payments directly to the office or into the bank account on the bottom of the invoice (the drivers are unable to receive payments). We will continue to do two collections if your account is not in credit however after that we will stop calling at your property.

Overdue accounts -If your account falls three collections overdue for payment, we may cease or suspend pick-ups until your account is up-to-date. However you will incur the normal scheduled collection costs until such time as you notify us of your situation. Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by Gabco Garden Bags & Bins Ltd in recovery or attempted recovery of overdue money, including credit collection agency and/or solicitors costs, shall be paid by you in full.

Contamination - As we are a greenwaste recycling company there are certain items we cannot remove. Greenwaste is generally what grows from the ground upwards. Please note we cannot take the following: NO: concrete, soil, compost piles, tin, paper, rocks, plastic, building material, household matter, food scraps, branches over 100mm (10cm) in diameter. If these items are found and cannot be removed easily, the bin/bag will be left, but the full collection fee will still apply. Organic greenwaste only please.

Postponement - Contact must be made, no later than 3pm Friday, before the week that your collection starts (The office is closed Saturday and Sunday and public holidays so cancellations for collections must be done prior.) You should book your skip online via our website. Please quote your customer number, name and address to avoid complications. If you fail to do so or cancel too late, the full collection fee will still apply. Please do not be offended as we cannot compromise on this term. You can skip a maximum of 2 collections per annum.

Access -please leave us clear access to your property. Where access is denied and we cannot carry out your collection (i.e. locked gates, dogs, stairs, vehicles obstructing access, etc) the full collection fee will still apply. If you miss the truck and want it to return additional costs will also apply.

Garden Bag Customers - The bags and frames are to be situated in an accessible position so they can be easily removed from your property. Please do not place up or down stairs or on narrow pathways. Also please do not overfill them or make them too heavy as they are to be manually removed from the frame and your property on hand trolleys.

Wheelie Bin Customers - Put your bin out on the kerbside before 7am on your scheduled collection If you forget to put your bin kerbside we will retrieve it for you if we can which means you will not miss your collection. If we cannot retrieve your bin the full collection fee will still apply. Please ensure you do not overfill them and that the lid is kept closed. If you have a Kerbside service and we have to collect it from Property a Collection surcharge will apply.

Calendar - You can download a collection schedule for the following year’s collections from our website/ click login and then you will find the calendar link.

Extras - Pricing will alter for extra deliveries and unscheduled collections. You can call on us to have extra bags delivered. We will collect the extra bags on your next scheduled pick up so please keep all bags and bins to be collected together. Extra pick-ups can be arranged if a truck is in or near your area.

Termination of service - Please advise us if you no longer require the services we provide, to avoid us continuing to call and incurring extra charges to you. When cancelling the service, the bag/bin will be removed on your next scheduled pick up date and this will be the final collection charged to your account. We require that you have had and paid for a minimum of six scheduled collections before termination or the remainder of the six collections will be charged at the time of termination.

Damaged or lost wheelie bins, bags or frames: 
Replacement Bins will be charged at $90.00 each; Bags will be charged at $15.00 each; Frames will be charged at $40.00 each.

Gabco Garden Bags & Bins Limited shall not be liable for any damage, injury, or loss of any kind arising directly or indirectly from the company’s obligations to you however occurring, including any negligence on the part of the company. In the event that the company is liable to you the maximum cost of any liability of the company to you shall not exceed the value of the services which have been provided to you.

Gabco Garden Bags & Bins Limited reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions if and when necessary and will be displayed at

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