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Garden Bags

The Bag Benefits:

  • Reusable bag (survives sunshine and rain)
  • Large 600 litre size
  • The reusable bag comes with a frame to keep the top of the bag open for easy and convenient filling
  • Saves you time, money & tip hassle


Gabco's Garden Bag Offer - Saves You Time, Money & Hassle: 

  • Fill it and forget it - We take care of the rest - Our service includes the pick up from your property - No need for you to carry the heavy load
  • Payment - We email or post an invoice and payment can be made via online banking, Direct Debit or Credit Card.
  • We offer a regular 4 weekly collection cycle.
  • Casual collections available - We offer a “One Off” collection service, price on signup.


Gabco's Introductory Offer (New Customers Only):

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What Goes In Your Bin?

  • flax, palm and bamboo by special arrangement
  • leaves
  • branches (no bigger than 100 mm in diameter)
  • foliage, greenery
  • plant roots
  • weeds
  • lawn clippings


What Can't Be Put In Your Bin?

inorganic materials, e.g.:

  • No plastics
  • No paper
  • No metal
  • No stones
  • No animals
  • No pet litter
  • No hot ashes
  • No food scraps
  • No clothes
  • No junk 
  • No dirt
  • No clay